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We Offer – SEO Services: Analysis, Research and Consulting


SEO services packages in compliance to client-specific requirements can be developed only after receiving clear informed decision from client. Once initial phase of website research and analysis is accomplished, the client is provided with the reports comprising facts and advisories for extent of unique strategies to be implemented towards achieving of goals preset with client’s consent. A short list of the major types of research and analysis that we usually carry out for websites and that are important to execute efficient SEO services strategies are provided below.

  • Website Analysis
  • Visitors Behavior Analysis
  • Goal Assessment
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Website Auditing
  • Maximizing Page Conversions
  • Critical Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Webmaster Analysis
  • Position Monitoring
  • Spider Simulation
  • Event Effectiveness
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Graphics Analysis
  • WebSite Architecture Assessment
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Competitive Analysis

Technical Analysis and Implementation

  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Customized 404 error
  • Google Webmaster Tool Set Up
  • Goal Setting
  • Site map
  • Google Alert Setting
  • Robots.txt
  • IP Validation
  • Canonical Issue
  • Broken Link
  • MOD Rewrite
  • Spider Friendly Navigation
  • Internal Search Facility
  • Live Support
  • Spider Friendly Navigation
  • XML RSS Feeds
  • Script Optimization
  • Breadcrumb Navigation

Benefits of Hiring Us as Your SEO Services Provider:

  • A broadened market cost-effectively targeting a wider coverage
  • A steady increase in search engine traffic with long term effects
  • An increase in the quality of search engine traffic
  • An improvement in business conversions and sales leads
  • Improved revenue and ROI

At Conjoin Logic Software Solutions, we use an iterative approach to project management, which breaks down large projects into smaller components thereby simplifying the task. We are committed to provide process transparency and high quality products to our customers within the confines of their budget and schedules.

Web Designing Process

For every website design we have adopted following process framework that resulted from long project experience.

  • Understand the nature of the client’s business and his needs and offer a basic website designing proposal.

  • On approval of website design proposal, we design some website templates that suits their needs and requirements and as well as make sure that design are relevant with their business sector.

  • Provide unlimited versions of the website design until the client is satisfied with the design.

  • Once design is approved by client the development process starts.

  • Work closely with the client for the content of the web site that is search engine friendly (SEO).

  • After completion of the site development, the client verifies the website design and the content of the site for changes/suggestions if any.

  • On client’s approval we publish the site on the internet for everyone to view.

Our Skill Set / Technology Used:

1. WEB Designing
2. Macromedia Dreamweaver
3. Photoshop
4. Flash
5. Corel Draw
6. Illustrator
7. Director
8. 3D Max
9. Swish
10. Sound Forge
11. Adobe Premiere
12. FrontPage
13. CSS
14. Flex

It is time for Website Redesign when your site looks outdated, your site no longer is visible in search engines, your competitor has a better website than yours, your site is not user friendly with ease of navigation, no social networking initiative done and your content is out dated.

New look Website Design
Your business professional or personal website design needs to look good, follow current design trends and reflect your business image and product.
Conjoin Logic Software Solutions provides you with innovative design ideas that adhere to current Web 2.0 standards and utilises the latest web technology to create a superior customer experience. Search Engine Friendly Website Re-Design
A website which is search engine optimized attracts more visitors and relevant hits. Our web redesign strategy gives maximum attention to making your website SEO friendly. A proper balance of design aspects and search engine focus is maintained and this ensures highest results for you to reach out to your target audience. Social Media Optimization and Networking Your website needs a redesigning so as to accommodate social media initiatives like having a Blog created and maintained or a Facebook and twitter link with direct updates. A quick feature addition like refer a friend or a call to action on your website will give you a new way of interaction to your visitors. Our Social Media Optimization team will guide you to achieve all these goals during the redesigning exercise.

It is always recommended to keep your website updated with the latest information about your products or services. But its also important to understand the difference between website maintenance and website redesigning.

Pay As you Go or an Annual Maintenance Contract - AMC
Conjoin Logic Software Solutions provides a cost effective and a suitable solution as per your business needs. If you need 1 update every 3 months then its better you sign up for a Pay As you Go plan or else an Annual Maintenance Contract is recommended to ensure a quick turn around and effective service.

With the growing need for localized content, many clients have started asking for website with local language support.
Conjoin Logic Software Solutions with a 12 years experience in web design and development in Pune offers website designing in the language of your choice including marathi website, hindi website, french website, german website Gujarathi website or any other support language of your choice. We design and develop Marathi and Hindi websites using the latest unicode technology in which the website browser does not have to download any font or a software.
Our multilingual websites also support search engine optimimzation for increasing traffic from your local language and target audience.
Marathi websites portfolio:
So lets get in touch and discuss the right solution and approach towards your requirements. Please contact conjoinlogoc.com or call us on 9890864370