Our Services

We at Conjoin Logic Software Solutions are hardbound with years of experience and built a very strong reputation in offshore web development and web based software development. Our knowledge base includes technical expertise and deep understanding.We also provides a quality driven approach towards web development, software development and provides end-to-end customized solutions catering to the requirements.
We have worked with clients from heavy industries to build web based software application that increase their ratio, our programming solutions includes ASP programming, Java programming or web programming with data base development in MySQL, MS-SQL, Ms-Access, with the latest technology. We offer web based software programming with high service level, competitive prices, wide range of services, speedy project execution, high degree of confidentiality, very simple module for customer interaction & constant working resource availability.

E-commerce has completely revolutionized the process of shopping and has transformed the way consumers purchase goods & services. All corporate sectors like Banking, Insurance, Pharmacy, Entertainment, Music have quickly adapted to the use of websites for ecommerce to sell their products and services online.
Why Conjoin Logic Software Solutions?
we offer total end-to-end e-commerce solutions aimed at companies and firms looking at launching and maintaining a professional online presence on the Internet. We offer a wide variety of e-commerce solutions which can be used to build all kinds of stores , from a small boutique to an absolute online mall.

E-commerce Expertise Includes:

1.Payment Gateway Integration

A secure and safe payment gateway used for credit card processing is necessary for any e-commerce based website which allows payment transaction to buy and sell goods, products or services online. We offer e-commerce Integration with most payment providers and shopping carts with particular expertise in PayPal, PayPal Pro, HSBC, hdfc, ICICI, paysignet, CCAvenue, EBS, transecute, Google checkout authorize.net and WorldPay integration. Our expertise also extends to include advanced eCommerce integration, including recurring and deferred payments, device-compatible, invisible and automated transaction processing.

2.Customizable Shopping Cart

We develop custom-made online shopping stores that are unique to each client. We have selected this approach as over the last 10+ years we have found that each and every online shopping portal has its own unique characteristics based upon the business processes and the target audiences.

3.Multi Currencies Shopping Option

The online shopping cart has a facility to buy a product with an option to buy from a pre defined local currency based on the choice of country of the buyer. This allows the seller to decide the currency rates as applicable for the products and control the currency fluctuations.

4.Search Engine Friendly

We take special care and our search engine optimization team follows high-standards to making the entire online shopping website SEO friendly. This allows your products to be easily found by popular keywords of your choice which ensures maximum traffic to the e commerce based website.

5.Internet Marketing and Advertisement

Our approach provides end to end solution in promoting your products over the internet through effective internet marketing strategies coupled with mass mailing solutions to reach directly to your target audience.

Today Social networking Websites have become the most popular Internet properties in existence. Sites like MySpace.com and FaceBook.com receive millions of visits each day from users across the globe from countries like USA, India, UK and many more.
Users here, interact with other users and build relationships online. By definition, such sites are highly interactive, ensuring user loyalty and consistent participation.

Social networking Expertise Includes:

1. Facebook Application Development

Developing facebook applications to be integrated with facebook. With millions of users on facebook this provides a perfect opportunity for companies as well as websites to reach out to a wider and more targeted audience.

2. Blog Creation and Management

Blog clubbed with your website becomes a very powerful tool and a new way for website owners to interact with your audience. Especially for a social community website, a blog provides a great non-intrusive way to stay in touch with the audience.

3. RSS Integration

RSS (most commonly expanded as “Really Simple Syndication”) or also referred to as Rich Site Summary is a format of regularly delivering changing web content to the subscribers. We integrate your updates and popularize your content over the web with the help of our Search Engine Optimization SEO services.

4. Search Engine Friendly

We take special care and in making social networking projects SEO friendly. Your site as well as the members or groups can be easily searchable on google and other important search engines within your defined parameters of privacy.

5. Internet Marketing and Advertisement

We provide an end to end solution in promoting your products or services over the internet by effect internet marketing strategies coupled by mass mailing solutions to reach out to your target audience.

A good portal is an information based interactive website for a specific audience. A portal could be meant for business-to-business B2B or business-to-consumer B2C.
No matter what your business model is (B2B or B2C); our web technology team will develop a portal solution to address your target audience. Conjoin Logic Software Solutions develops impressive and fast loading portals that effortlessly integrate content, design, features incorporated with a search facility.

Our Approach and process

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Wireframe Documentation
  • Interface & Usability Designing
  • Navigation analysis
  • Module Development
  • Modules Integration
  • Testing on Local server
  • Beta Launch on Live server
  • Training
  • Launching the portal
  • Feedback and Analysiss
  • Maintenance Support
  • Database structure

Enterprise portals designs

An enterprise portal is web-based interface for users of enterprise applications, corporate databases and systems. Enterprise portal allows organizations to interact with closed company users as well as open public. The enterprise portal also allows social community integration from the portal for easy integration of twitter, facebook, linkedin, blogging etc. Enterprise portals help to market company products and services to worldwide audience.

Community Portal Development

Varieties of communities need a single integrated portal for communication and representation. We provide variety of solutions for portal development for communities of sports, students, education, art, samskriti etc. The community portal allows quick update of data via web, email, mobile and also enables multiple types of users to update content of different sections.

The success of a website depends on quick and accurate content updates and the ability to get fresh information to website visitors and users with minimal time and effort. Today Content is the King. The Content Management System CMS will allow put the power of content updates in your own hands without the requirement of specialized technical know how or training, allowing for easy, effective and quick content management.
Robust, reliable user friendly CMS solutions

With over a decade of experience in the web technology our team has a deep understanding of content management processes with skills in a number of web development applications on multiple platforms.

Multi platform support

Your website or web application could be on any platform of java, php, asp.net or on any server of windows or linux, our CMS team can build a special solution to fulfill all your needs.

Multi Language Support

The best part of any content management system CMS is the power to use the multi language feature and increase a more diverse audience, geographically. This allows you to capture the international market and globalize your website. Our CMS solutions provide support in languages like marathi, hindi, german, french and many other languages and can be added based on requirements. We have a special skill set in designing and developing marathi websites for many of our clients in Pune, India.

Search Engine Friendly Content Management System CMS

No Content management system can be successful unless it supports easy crawling by search engine spiders. Our CMS is very search engine friendly and provides necessary features to add the SEO tags.

Internet Marketing and advertisement

Our approach provides end to end solution in promoting your products or services over the internet by effective internet marketing strategies coupled by mass mailing solutions to reach out to your target audience.