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how much web space do I need for my website

How much web space do i need for my website is the question many people ask while launching their website. Deciding right amount and type of web space is important thing for your website designing. Webspace is the space on web servers. This space allows you to host your website so people all around the world can visit your website.
This web space is available as per your requirement.

To understand how much web space you will need let us understand all occupies your web space –

Your web space contains all web pages, images, videos, flash files, PDF files you use in your website. Many times if you are not using third party email exchange – like gmail apps mail service – your emails also get stored in this web space.Your website backups, website visitor statistics, various logs also occupy your web space. Your database also occupy some amount of web space.

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importance of having a website for your business

Lets understand importance of having a website for your business. Website is a integral part of any business. A good website not only showcases your business talent but it is also a virtual store for your business. Internet is the world’s biggest shopping mall. You can sell your services, products through this medium with less efforts and money.

When someone is willing to give you business they are keen to know about you and your business; how it is progressing , who all are your clients.

Let me share small story of young entrepreneur who started his business in Pune.

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